Prudential Military Advantage Property

Backed by the Rock Solid® reputation of
Prudential Financial, and the service and
technology of Prudential Real Estate, our new
Military AdvantageSM Program offers unique
new benefits for military families on the move.

With the Prudential Military AdvantageSM Program, buyers can now feel
comfortable that the home they are purchasing through Prudential Real
Estate is a home that is:

• Located within 25 miles of an active military installation — for easy commuting

• Priced within 5% of Fair Market Value*, as determined by a local Comparative Market Analysis*

• Protected with a one year comprehensive Home Warranty Policy, provided to buyer at closing

— the comfort you need knowing that you are covered in case of emergencies from day one!
For military personnel on the move, the Prudential Military AdvantageSM Program makes it easy for families that need to move quickly — and with little hassle!

The Prudential Military AdvantageSM Program is made for sellers too!
When you list your home with the Prudential Military AdvantageSM Program you are able to reach military buyers that are ready, willing and able to move quickly!

The Prudential Military AdvantageSM Program provides you the marketing tools to reach this special market.

Tools that bring your property right to the military buyer:

• Yard Sign Riders identifying your property as a Prudential Military AdvantageSM Property

• Doorknob Hangers with the Military AdvantageSM property logo

• Doormats identifying your property as a Military AdvantageSM property

• Special advertising venues to reach deployed Military personnel

• Special marketing brochures

• Targeted eCards

• Targeted Postcards

• And much more!

Call your local Prudential Real Estate office today and learn how this new and exciting program
can help you sell your home quickly and at market value today!

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