Prudential Inline Media Stratgedy

This is a diagram of some of the sites Prudential Real Estate are involved with and share listing data with. They're some of the biggest players in the 3rd party real estate site world. These are in addition to MLS data sharing that goes on between all the offices, Coldwell, C21, ERA, Zip etc.

Additionally I also market my properties to around another 66 sites in addition to search engine work done to make the properties more visible online. has a list of sites I syndicate to. Direct link . I actually enjoy it, I find it relaxing to go through and flesh out my listings on these sites & enrich the content wherever possible. You can also check out the widgets on the right and see some of my work.

I also enjoy sharing what I learn with others and learning as well, if you have a tip please send it along. I enjoy finding new uses for technology & software to market property as well as integrating old ideas as well.

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