FiOS installation progressing in Medford, MA

City Council begs Verizon for FiOS - Medford, MA - Medford Transcript

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Wow, I'm excited to report that Verizon FiOS is partially installed on my street here in Medford, MA. The big wires on the poles has been run, no connections to houses yet but that's coming. In my talks with others in and around Medford they're reporting similar findings.

I'm also told that Verizon used GPS to plot out where all the poles are located & custom ordered/designed the trunk wires to limit the splices needed. I thought that was interesting how something like GPS can be used for such a thing. OK, I'm a bit of a tech-ie but if the speed is what they say it could be it'll help with connection speeds in the neighborhood.

I wonder if Comcast will step up to the plate & offer better customer service and package pricing. Especially with HDTV available over a regular antenna. It's an interesting time to be living in Medford. More as it unfolds :)


Seth L. said…
The were on my street in the Hillside area last week. They mentioned that NSTAR or whoever needs to come along next and provide power hookups to the new lines on the poles. I did not realize this neede to happen. Amazing how quickly they are moving on this project.
Jason said…
Has anyone seen them around Bowen / Harvard streets? I cannot wait to dump comcast. I called Verizon and they have no ETA as to when Medford will be hooked up.
Robert said…
I live on Adams St in Medford and today I got a flier in my mailbox stating that FiOS is on the way. Woot!
Jason said…
I saw a Verizon Van in the Stop & Shop parking lot a couple of weeks ago and asked what sections of Medford they were working on. I explained I lived on Bowen near Harvard and Main and was told not to hold my breath. It's going to be awhile before that area is worked on.
Anonymous said…
I live near the Malden line near Kappy's. I was able to get FIOS Internet but not cable. Very depressing cause I don't want to pay Comcast anymore. Called Verizon today still no time period on when they can flip the switch for cable. So frustrating!
Anonymous said…
Verizon trucks have been swarming Medford Square in the past few weeks. Just today, 7 trucks were lined up along High Street in the Square.

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