Medford First Time Homebuyers Workshop

Citizens' Housing and Planning Association

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On Tuesday, March 24th, 2009 there will be a First Time Homebuyers Workshop at the South Medford Fire Station, located at Zero Main St. Medford, MA.

The workshop is CHAPA approved and is required for borrowers who use Mass Housing Partnership Soft-Second Program or Mass Housing Programs.

In on the program is offered through the North Suburban Consortium. The program offers up to $5,000.00 for assistance with Down Payments and/or Closing Costs to eligible buyers.

Questions about the workshop are directed to Laura Glynn: Housing Development Specialist/Director @ 781-393-2520

Link for site info:

To register for Workshop & Schedule Info:

Laura Glynn
City of Medford
Office of Community Development

To learn more about SOFT SECOND online go to:

To learn more about the North Suburban Consortium (NSC) online go to:


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