Hefners List L.A. Mansion for $28 Million - WSJ.com

Hefners List L.A. Mansion for $28 Million - WSJ.com

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Just listed, a swank L.A. Mansion with beautiful neighbors. Be the envy of all your single friends. This is going to be one of those properties that buyers will either love or hate. They'll either love living next door to the Playboy Mansion or find it too busy & boisterous.

It definatly has amenities that few other homes can offer. Mr. Hefner has a nack for really great attention to details. It will be quite interesting to see who purchases this home. Wonder if some voyeur website owner would purchase it and have an over the hedges cam set up. Whoever does purchase it should expect to have alot of out of town guests wanting to come & visit. Hopefully an invite to some BBQ's will be a friendly neighbor gesture.

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If I only had $28 Million lying around...


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