Think House Keys Are Safe, Think Again : The Real Estate Blo

If you think your house keys are safe from being copied as long as the bad guys do not touch them? Think again.New research from the University of California shows that a new software package created by the schools computer scientist can create replicas of your house keys from a grainy digital image.

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It's amazing when you read stories like this how far technology has come. It's scary at the same time when they discuss how with a telephoto lens someone could take a pic of your keys design and make copies of your keys. Might this be a boom for your local locksmith? Only time will tell, although I'm thinking it might be a great way to keep a digital copy of your keys in case you lose them. I'm also prone to think that if someone were so bent upon breaking into a place there would be alot easier ways to go about doing this without investing in the software & locksmithing equipment to gain access.


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