Return of the board game: an ecomomy inspired resurgence

Return of the board game: an economy inspired resurgence

I’ve seen the TV spots for Parker Bros. board games, and from talking to friends it seems they’re becoming more and more popular as the economy stirs fear in our wallets. Fortunately gas prices have receded a bit from the sky high prices of this past summer, but I’m finding more and more people concerned about spending for the upcoming holiday season. Friends are foregoing dinners out quite so often and other typical entertainment venues are also reporting a downturn.

I’ve found myself even digging around and brushing off my old board games. Welcome back to my 1980’s version of Trivial Pursuit, not the version dedicated to 80’s trivia but the actual game from when we purchased it in the 1980’s. It brings back memories of rainy/snowy nites pre-internet days; we’d only had cable for a few years at the time. Cell phones were a rarity then, and perhaps it was a blessing. I’m still trying to figure out if I have the full set of UNO cards.

A nite of Monopoly takes on new meaning when the owner of Park Place is considering a short sale or loses it to the bank. Maybe it's a bit too close to home, for some of us to be making a nite of merriment around St. James Place and some have real anger for the residents of Pennsylvania Avenue, especially those in the 1600 block.

I’ve also listened colleagues & friends who talk about getting together for a nite of dinner & playing board games. Some fond memories of games past, and now games to be played. I wonder if instead of running off to the Webster’s Dictionary people will run to Google a word in Scrabble. I’ve even participated in a chess tournament amongst my friends. So will it be backgammon, boggle, Xenga, Candy Land or Chutes & Ladders? Sometimes the simplest fun can be a welcoming change.


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