Hobbs Herder Gateway Seminar - My Breakthrough"

Last week I went to the Hobbs Herder Gateway seminar in Washington D.C. This is a picture of the "breakthrough" exercise results.

Basically the exercise was to take 10 minutes to write down everything that's important to me for the rest of time and only those goals that I write down will be accomplished. It really puts your life in focus when you only have 10 minutes to lay down the path for the rest of your life. What do you include? Who do you include? What if you haven't met that person yet? Who or what would you exclude? Really a deep exercise. After pens down, then taking a good look at what you wrote. Like that famous saying, I didn't write "Spend more time at the office" . Makes me really identify the people, place and things which really mean the world to me.

The seminar was great, really taught me a new way to look at the current market and challenges I face. They gave us a book entitled, "Hard Optimism" as a way to reshape our outlooks towards life and work. It really touched home with me. It's something I'll read a few times on a regular basis as kind of like a check-up on myself. It's a short book, with large type and alot of pictures, pick it up, in my opinion you have nothing to lose.

The seminar was very intense, very long days and even homework at nite (I stayed in the Hilton where it was held, btw-the rooms were GREAT!!), not much choice for food, but it worked fine for my diet and honestly I was soo tired after each day that I was out like a light. Now I know what your thinking - "Scott are you trying to sell me on it?" to which I reply "NO". I'm just relating an enjoyable seminar which I found invigorating. I met some great fellow agents and some tips on how to run my business better as well as provide better service to my clients.

As a mini-vacation it was a great getaway but still kept me focused on how to grow as an agent as well as a human being. I look forward to staying in touch with everyone I met at the seminar and encompassing Hobbs Herder into my business.
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