Websites & Video

Recently I've begun offering video tours and dedicated home websites. I use and together and it's working pretty well. You can check out my latest efforts at as well as my video library @ . Buyers & sellers seem to react favorably to this. Additionally after seeing one of my listings they can check back and remember the features, especially with the video tour.

I try and keep the videos short, under 4 minutes so they will download quickly and not require too much buffering on a viewers computer. I've also found that people have forwarded the videos to freinds to view. Sellers often tune in and share with friends and family, something I encourage. I have a great Cannon digital camera that shoots video as well. My editing is improving, my first obstacle was to cover the sound of my breathing as I'm walking around as well as squeaky floorboards, lol. It's trickier than it sounds, try it out sometime :).

I also like how these 2 sites (Postlets and YouTube) are indexed quite often by search engines. Recently a buyer of mine was unsure of the unique spelling of the street where they had made an offer. When they Googled it my videos were first page. I was also impressed.

Other items I'm looking into are video blogging and podcasting, though as I've learned you have to learn to walk before you can run.


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