Hello, I'm Scott Nelson

I'm Scott Nelson of Prudential Prime Properties Wolfson Cutler Real Estate in Medford Massachusetts. I enjoy my career in real estate because it's a very flexible job. I have one of the only jobs where I can go to work and possibly not make any money every day and still smile while doing it.

I'm the proud uncle of my niece Emma (3) and Jack (1). Every day I enjoy having them in my life. I'm a homebody, I enjoy backyard BBQ's, specials on PBS & History Channel, dinners out with friends. Although as I get older the wild and crazy nites out are fewer and farther beween, I find I appreciate places where you can actually carry on a conversation.

What I find unique with my career is that look a buyer gets on their face when we've found the home for them. It reminds me of Christmas morning, seeing a highly sought after present being opened. If you've never experienced it, you really should, it's heartwarming, the excitement, tempered with uncertainty.

Also the joy my sellers show when we've successfully negotiated their sale and they're passing their home onto a new owner to enjoy. I sell alot of homes in my neighborhood, it's wonderful to introduce my new neighbors around, while sad to see longtime neighbors moving on.

I recently started my own real estate blog http://www.MedfordHouseBlog.com , to discuss housing & issues in and around Medford. It's a work in progress. I always welcome ideas & comments. It's a new and exciting process to learn such as "finding my voice" for the blog. If you'd like to contribute, let me know, it might be interesting.

I always like to network, especially learning from other agents/brokers in other areas of the country, trading new and exciting ideas to market properties for the benefit of my clients.

I hope you'll visit my site http://www.Medfordhouse.com as well as my Facebook profile and on Linkedin.

I'm a nite owl, if you have a real estate question, shoot me an email and if I don't know the answer I'll either find it or point you in the right direction. I'm not a high pressure type, either in person or professionally. I'm also not an over the top "personality" you might find out there.

I like to treat my clients like family, in fact most of my clients know my family, lol, have to do a good job when they know my parents :). I like when my clients can turn to me with any issue (real estate related, I can't answer the bigger questions of life) and I'm able to put their mind at ease. There is no such thing as a small question when it's your hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake, I take that very seriously.

Hope you are having a great day, I know I am,

Scott Nelson


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