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Social Network Quiz Safety

(Medford, MA) Social networking platforms are full of fun quizzes your friends and associates share asking you to add in your answers. News Reports have detailed how they can be corrupted or fake links to malicious actors seeking to gain info on you and your security questions used online. 
One defense to these is to fill out these quizzes with nonsensical answers. Now that you're aware of these issues you can answer the quizzes with answers that have no bearing on your real life. We typically pick secret answers which have a basis in our past or present living conditions. Instead of using the real answers to the questions answer them with things that do not have a basis in your life. 
An even better plan would be to consider the answers you give to the sites that need secret answers for you to access them. When asked for what your mothers maiden name is try substituting her middle name instead of maiden name. The name of your first pet choose a different one. High school mascot,…

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